Addiction Therapy

Acupuncture treatments are a valuable part of addiction therapy. With acupuncture, you will be able to overcome a variety of addictive behaviors, which include smoking, drug use, gambling, TV/screen activities, sugar, food, caffeine, work, love/sex, and other compulsive behaviors. In addition to the psychological aspects of these behaviors, addiction has a strong physical component that makes it difficult to break the habit permanently.

Addiction: Is it all in your head?

Quitting any addiction is hard, even with the best of intentions. Even those who have a strong desire to quit may eventually give up due to their resistant brain chemistry. Although many addictions are dangerous to one’s physical or mental health, these behaviors stimulate certain brain receptors that make it hard to quit without assistance. When these “feel good” receptors are deprived of stimulation from neurotransmitters, they lead to intense cravings that feel almost insurmountable.

A majority of those who suffer from impulse control disorder desire to quit at some point. However, they struggle to cope with altered brain chemistry and the related mood disorders that may occur when quitting an addiction.  

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Glenwood Springs acupuncture relieves stress that helps you quit.

Addiction has many forms. But we’re here to help. Acupuncture works by carefully treating specific points on the body and sending powerful signals to the brain in order to help ease cravings. Not only is acupuncture helpful in treating addiction, but the reduced stress will also prevent one from turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as those caused by impulse control disorder. Elemental Healing treatments are safe, effective, and drug-free.

In the case of quitting smoking:

For example, studies published in the American Journal of Medicine conceded that smokers who used acupuncture as a method for quitting were three times more likely to remain smoke-free a year later, as compared to those who used other methods for smoking cessation. Elemental Healing can help the people of Glenwood Springs become non-smokers in an average of 3-5 sessions.